①テラジェンのどんなことでも(旧バージョンのこともOK) Terragen Discussion

Open discussion about all versions of Terragen including Terragen 3, Terragen 2, and Terragen Classic. Ask any questions you have about Terragen, or share your own tips, tricks, and techniques with others.

②ファイルやデータを互いに分け合おう File Sharing

Share your Terragen files with other members – project files, example scenes, atmospheres, surface maps, and other clip files. Please post your images to the Image Sharing area!

③ユーザー投稿のチュートリアル User-contributed Tutorials

Terragen 2 Tutorials written by other users. Please note: all new tutorial contributions should be added to our user-editable wiki. This forum section is only for older tutorials and related discussion.

④作品を分かち合おう Image Sharing

Share your Terragen images and galleries and view and critique the work of others

⑤アニメーション関係の情報を共有しよう Terragen Animation

Discuss and share your Terragen animations, questions, techniques, tips, and tricks. Animations in both Terragen 2 and Terragen Classic are welcome.

⑥仮想現実(VR)に挑戦 VR Challenge

Anything related to the 2016 Terragen VR Challenge can be discussed her

⑦テラジェン以外のことでもオープンに討論 Open Discussion

Talk about whatever your heart desires. If it’s not Terragen-related, then it goes in here. Make this your home away from home!

⑧テラジェンのサポート(3や2など旧バージョンも) Terragen Support

Post and discuss issues and support requests for all versions of Terragen including Terragen 3, Terragen 2, and Terragen Classic.

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